Google Summer of Code - 2019

This is a place for GSOC related discussions
It’s Officially announced that Synfig is participating in GSOC-19


How to get started?

see @KonstantinDmitriev comment below :slight_smile:

Any unanswered query?
feel free to comment below :slight_smile:


Hello, How can i begin contributing ?

Hi @lenixlobo! Thank you for your interest! :slight_smile:

I recommend to start by compiling Synfig from source on your machine.

Also, please read this page on getting started -

Finally, I recommend to take a look at the list of existing issues in our bugtracker -

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Hi! My name is Tushar Tyagi. I am a CSE undergrad at IIT M.
I’m proficient in C++ and have also worked in Python.
I am intrested to work for the OpenToonz importer project.
I have a keen intresest in Moviemaking and photography, so working in this org will be exciting for me.
Looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

Hi @tushar-tyagi! My name is Konstantin Dmitriev, I am maintainer of Synfig. Happy to see you here!

I suggest you to create a new issue at to describe and discuss your proposal about this project. :slight_smile:

Hello sir
I am sanskruti ! I have worked on synfig during my school days,
And here the ‘OpenToonz importer’ intrests me !
I’ve been working over with c++ and have a great grip over the language , i am really looking forward for any project work you would suggest

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Hello @sanskruty! It’s awesome to hear that you used synfig. As @KonstantinDmitriev suggested,

create a new issue at to describe and discuss your proposal about this project.

You can check out also, I guess you can get some intuitions from discussing there.

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I am Ashutosh Jadhav, currently in 3rd year of Computer Science
from Belgaum,Karnataka.
I would love to contribute to synfig from today and would continue doing it.
I am intermediate in c++ but would really love to learn and implement alongside.
This is my first open source organisation that I selected for Google Summer Of Codes 2019
Is high proficiency in c++ required to contribute ?

In general, high proficiency in a language is always a bonus, but it is not necessarily required.
Your coding should always be easily understandable by the others, documented and “non blocking” for future evolution, especially with open source software.
The most important is to understand the architecture of a software and its coding style.
Once understood, you can do almost anything :wink:

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Hello @sanskruty and @ashutoshjv661! Welcome to the project!

Can you please let us know about projects you implemented/participated, so we better understand your capabilities and interests?

I am currently pursuing Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and in 3rd year of my degree, in KLE Dr.MSSCET Karnataka, India.
I am well versed in C++, Web technologies (HTML/CSS), PHP and intermediate in python.
Projects that I have implemented/participated :

  • I participated in Google code-in 2014 in high school under FOSS ASIA where I developed a unit converter using wx python module.mass-con

  • Created a database management system using HTML, CSS, JS(front end) and PHP(backend) as my mini-project called Exam Section Database management system . exam-allot

  • I am currently doing a side project on Algorithm Visualizer for Bellman Ford algorithm using C++ and OpenGL as graphics library. (I’ll upload the work in a week on github)

I edited many videos for youtube and I like working with graphics as well as Algorithms/Data structures . As synfig is a great animation and graphics studio I would love to work with synfig and level up my skills to contribute to various open source projects in future . :blush:

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Yes sir,
I am currently in the 2nd year of my bachelors program in computer science,
I have been learning c++ for over two years and have made a command over the language.
I have used Synfig during my school days,so got really excited exploring it.
I don’t really had any opportunity of working over a big project before, But i surely was an enthusiastic participant in many of the regional competitive events pertaining to c++ .
I am acquainted to web technologies and also the languages such as c,java,c#,currently learning python.
I have spent a lot of my time learning algorithms and data structures and I think I have a good grip on data structures.

Since I have got this opportunity to learn , I sure would be able to learn a lot at this platform :blush: even if I seem less eligible !

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sir, I was tracking the project files , where i found this code titled module and i don’t understand the repetitive use of the following statement :

// if(callback)callback->task(string(“looking for -> “)+module_name+”_LTX_new_instance()”);
constructor=(Module::constructor_type )lt_dlsym(module,(module_name+"_LTX_new_instance").c_str());

Hi @sanskruty! Thank you for the information! I am happy to see your enthusiasm and looking forward for your contributions. :slight_smile:

i don’t understand the repetitive use of the following statement

Please notice that those statements in are not completely repetitive - each of them has some differences.

For example, second statement adds string("lib") right before module_name.

I am a junior engineering student studying computer engineering and software systems from Egypt.
I would love to apply for the vectorization of bitmap project.

I have no experience in using synfig but as i am interested in game development and related topics (animations,modeling,2D art) i have a basic understanding of bitmaps and vector images and therefore i would like to apply.

Hi @J3oss and welcome to our project! I encourage you to start by reading and pages.

Please consider, that Bitmap Vectorization project is already started by @ankit -
If you start to work on it, then you will be in competition (which is okay). But if you do not like it, then you can choose other project.

Also, can you please let us know about projects you implemented/participated, so we better understand your capabilities and interests? :slight_smile:

Hello everyone my name is Susmita pursuing my bachelor’s in computer science from MMCOE Pune and I look forward to contributing.I am really interested in the export for web project idea as I have a working knowledge of both C++ and Python and most importantly I want to learn more.Can someone suggest me on how to get started?

Hi @susmita7 and welcome to our community! I just want to mention that there is already quite a competition around Export for Web project. Please check the discussion here -
Let me know if this is okay for you and I will assign a first task for you.

If you are not comfortable with that (which is okay), then you can choose any other project from our ideas list ( or bring your own idea.

Also, can you please let us know about projects you implemented/participated, so we better understand your capabilities and interests? :slight_smile:

Hello,thank you for such a warm welcome.So I am still a bit new to developing projects of my own but I do have a good knowledge of desktop and web applications and I am willing to learn more especially with the export for web project as the project seems really interesting and I might be able to contribute to it with the skill set I already have.Here’s a link of my very first project I created from scratch-
I am interested in making web apps that deliver animated content and working on this project I will surely learn a lot and be able to contribute.I would like to start working right away so I would surely like to know about my first task.

@susmita7 Great, let’s go with an Image Layer! -
Before you get started I suggest to watch our video course about basic features of Synfig. I have sent you a peronal link via PM, please check. :slight_smile: