Google Summer of Code - 2019


Hello everyone, I am a 3rd year computer science undergraduate at IIT Dhanbad. I am well experienced with C,C++ and python language.I have keen interest in the project Vectorization of bitmaps. Can anyone please help me in getting started with this project?


Hi @mrk and welcome to our community! :slight_smile: Please consider that Vectorization of bitmaps is already taken by @ankit. I suggest to look at another project from our ideas list.

Also, can you please let us know about projects you implemented/participated, so we better understand your capabilities and interests? :slight_smile:


Hi @KonstantinDmitriev , I have done projects mostly based on machine learning in Python. Apart from this, I have done a lot of competitive coding in C & C++. In this semester, I have a course on Computer Graphics which I like very much and have implemented many algorithms in lab sessions. I have theoretical knowledge of graphics. I suppose my skills are inclined towards the project to Implement generic waypoint editing operations as it requires mostly C++ knowledge. Would be better if you suggest some pointers to start with.:blush:


Hi @mrk! I suggest you to start by implementing “Step 1” from this issue -
This issue is actually a starting point for different project (“Editable animation curves in Graphs Panel”), but if you will implement step 1 and step 2 from this issue, then this will be a good proof of your eligibility for Waypoints project. Also, in this case you are in good situation as you can choose which of two projects you would like to take. :slight_smile:

Also, it would be good if you watch our video course to get the basics of Synfig. Please mail me via and I will send you a personal link for free access to our course.


Hi @KonstantinDmitriev , Sounds good :blush: I will look at the issue and try to implement it.
Also, I have mailed you via synfig/contact to get access to free course.


Hye. I am Aniket Kumar from IIT Roorkee. I love computer graphics and animation and wanted to contribute in synfig to provide an open source animation platform.
i have already build the project on my machine and wanted to help closing an issue. A liitle guidance is needed.


Hello! My name is Maitreyi Sondhi, and I am a 2nd year Computer Science Engg. student from IGDTUW college,New Delhi.
I am well equipped with the C++ language and video, image editing tools and softwares and have some fair knowledge on Machine Learning using Python.
I am quite interested in the “Editable animation curves in Graphs Panel” project and would absolutely love to work on it! Although I am ready to really work hard and learn a lot for the project, I dont have much idea on how to work on large scale projects.
Till now I have installed and understood the working of the application using the Udemy course provided by your team; I would be very grateful if you could give me some guidance on how to begin with understanding the Synfig code and make useful contributions. :smile:


Hi @ani1998ket and @maitreyi and welcome to our project! :slight_smile:

My name is Konstantin Dmtiriev, I am maintainer of Synfig (I am operating under “morevnaproject” nickname on GitHub).

Can you please provide links to your GitHub profiles and also let me know if you have any public code projects (educational or not) done so far?

To get started, I suggest you to take 1-2 simple issues to solve. you can find them here -"good+first+issue"

Please also make sure to read our Getting Started guide -

@maitreyi Please consider that there is already some competition among students around “Editable animation curves in Graphs Panel” project. If you do not mind that, then I suggest to start by implementing this feature as a proof of your eligibility - :slight_smile:


Dear students! If you haven’t already did - please make sure to set up and IDE for working with Synfig code. We recommend to use NetBeans IDE. Instructions on how to set up -