Google Season of Docs 2019

Hello everyone!

Google Season of Docs is similar to GSoC but it revolves around docs and technical write-ups. More information can be found on their official site

Since it just starts after the completion of GSoC, I think we will have bandwidth to be engaged in this. What do you think @KonstantinDmitriev?

I believe it will be of great benefit to synfig. The org application deadline is April 23, 2019 at 20:00 UTC . Let’s converge to a final decision and get things rolling before the deadline.


@Reshabh Seems like a great idea! As Synfig’s developer documentation is still in development phase, this may come out to be of great help.

Thank you for the note! Unfortunately, (as noted in Switching to slow-response mode) I am currently out of capacity and will not be able to dedicate my time for preparing submission. Also, after GSoC I expect there will be some additional work to integrate student’s contributions into main Synfig branch. So, this year I would like to concentrate efforts on making our GSoC participation successful. Google Season of Docs is great opportunity to consider for next year. :slight_smile:

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Ah, no worries! I’ll back when they announce Google Code-in later this year! Hopefully we can try that :slight_smile: