Switching to slow-response mode

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Dear friends!

The release of new Morevna episode (on 05.05.2019) is approaching fast and due to that I will be less available in the next 10 days. That means slower (than ever ^__^") responses to all messages on forums and GitHub issue tracker.

I hope for your help on responding to incoming queries during that period. :slight_smile:

After that, I will be available from April 26 till April 30.

On April 30 I am going to flight for Morevna tour to host a premiere in 3 cities of Russia (Moscow, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk). (Side note: In Ulyanovsk my visit also will be related with opening opensource-based animation school). The tour will take place from April 30 till May 9 and again I will be even less available.

Again, I hope for your assistance in keeping our community alive during that period (responding something like โ€œWait when Konstantin get backโ€ is a good response as well, jejeje ^__^).


First of all, best of luck for the new release. :smile:
Thank you for informing your schedule in advance. I will be more than happy to help and keeping this community active and alive.
Will try my best :slight_smile:

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Have a nice trip, see you soon and good luck.

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Best of luck for the new release !! :slight_smile:

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Best of luck for the release @KonstantinDmitriev !! Eagerly waiting for the episode(s) :blush:
While you on busy we are to help Sir! :wink:

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Hi everyone! I am back from the tour!

That was so exciting to see animation made in Synfig on a big cinema screen (photos from sound check) -

Congratulations to @ankit and @AnishG for joining our project as GSOC students!

In the next few days I will be catching up with all messages that I have missed while I was on the road. :slight_smile: