Getting paid for work on Synfig?

Hi everyone!

My apologies for not being active in Synfig last months. The thing is that since September I’ve got complicated situation, which reduced my free time, so I am not being able to contribute much and slow at responding.

Since it is hard for me currently to work on Synfig in free time, I am wondering if I can work on Synfig as paid job (billed by hours)? With this I will be able to put aside some other jobs and dedicate more time on maintaining Synfig. I am looking for $10/hour rate and it seems we have enough funds at OpenCollective to cover that (considering that I will be able to dedicate ~40 hours per month).

Looking forward for opinion from main developers (@ice0 @rodolforg @FirasH @Keyikedalube). :slight_smile:


I agree. We need to move faster with the release )

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Me too.
Your expertise on synfig software usage, synfig software coding (and its history), synfig project management, synfig community are too important for… synfig and its users :wink: and for guiding us on synfig dev!

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@KonstantinDmitriev Sure, sounds awesome! :smile:
It would be amazing to fund even more work in the future!

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Agree :smile:
I second rodolforg’s opinion too.

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Does that mean Synfig won’t be free to download anymore?

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No. Synfig has more than enough donations to pay him :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone for approval and supporting words! Let’s get the ball rolling then!


Hi guys! I wonder, is it okay to ask to increase a hourly rate for me? (it’s okay if it isn’t) :slight_smile:

OK to me if most of your time spent is on Synfig ie., this project is kinda your primary job most of the days. Your wages from this project alone should be able to cover your living expenses and if it’s not then you deserve a raise :slight_smile:

No, I am also working on Morevna Project (currently my paid position is “Production supervisor of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic”). :slight_smile: The balance between those two works is variable from month to month.

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No, you can’t get a raise until it’s August 14, 2021 >.> Let me check my calendar… Oh well, I suppose it’s ok; unless someone changed the date on my computer 0.o to try and trick me :smiley:

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It’s OK for me. You’re the principal developer and maintainer of Synfig :smiley: I believe the donation funds can cover your raise.

And I’m flattered that you tagged me above as one of the main developers haha. I prefer the term “outside contributor” because I’m doing my part mostly on free time.

That said I think you should weigh in other devs opinions too, particularly @ice0 and @rodolforg

Hi everyone! Just want to let you know that my situation got better, so let’s leave everything as it is. I am grateful for your support and kind words! :slight_smile:


That’s really good news for you and Morevna Project & School! And all of us too therefore :wink:


Hi everyone! Due to the recent events in the world, I’ve got cut from all my funding sources, through which I was used to receive money for my projects and for living - right now I cannot receive money from OpenCollective, PayPal and Patreon.

By this moment I am considering two choices:

  1. Find an employment at some local IT company. Really would be nice to have something related to open-source.

    Most probably that will be a full time. I am afraid it will not be related to animation, as it is very unlikely to find such kind of employment here, which combines “open-source”+“animation” sphere.

  2. Try to get self-employed in my own local non-profit organization - I have established one a year ago.

    Its mission is “to develop and popularize technologies of production animation using open-source software” and I think that Synfig development is something what is worth to put efforts into for that period.

    The downside is that I’ll need to quickly find a funding source - last year all maintaining of organization was “on my balance” and I am not sure we can get the same flow from Russian community (especially considering current situation).

That’s how it is! Just want you to be aware of situation as this is impacting the amount of my time, which I will be able to put into Synfig in coming months.

P.S. I still willing to keep contributing to Synfig regarding how things will turn out! :slight_smile:


This is sad news. I’m sorry for the current situation and that it’s also affecting you. I’m here trying to think of ways the community can assist you. Without your leadership Synfig wouldn’t be where it is today and i’m grateful to be apart of the Synfig community.


Prioritize yourself first even if that means getting in option 1. I think Synfig development can wait a little while until all events considered out there are back to normal. And thanks for being so active I just pray that you and your folks are all fine and doing well.

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I’m so sorry to hear this, but not surprised. Let us know if/how we can help.

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