Getting paid for work on Synfig?

Hi everyone!

My apologies for not being active in Synfig last months. The thing is that since September I’ve got complicated situation, which reduced my free time, so I am not being able to contribute much and slow at responding.

Since it is hard for me currently to work on Synfig in free time, I am wondering if I can work on Synfig as paid job (billed by hours)? With this I will be able to put aside some other jobs and dedicate more time on maintaining Synfig. I am looking for $10/hour rate and it seems we have enough funds at OpenCollective to cover that (considering that I will be able to dedicate ~40 hours per month).

Looking forward for opinion from main developers (@ice0 @rodolforg @FirasH @Keyikedalube). :slight_smile:


I agree. We need to move faster with the release )

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Me too.
Your expertise on synfig software usage, synfig software coding (and its history), synfig project management, synfig community are too important for… synfig and its users :wink: and for guiding us on synfig dev!

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@KonstantinDmitriev Sure, sounds awesome! :smile:
It would be amazing to fund even more work in the future!

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Agree :smile:
I second rodolforg’s opinion too.

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Does that mean Synfig won’t be free to download anymore?

No. Synfig has more than enough donations to pay him :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone for approval and supporting words! Let’s get the ball rolling then!