why is the 64 portable version different from the 32 portable version?

why are the windows portable versions completely different?.. the synfigstudio-win64-portable.zip version is missing some files instead the synfigstudio-win32-portable.zip has all the necessary files.

@ghosts15 What files are missing in your opinion?

Which version? 1.4.2, 1.5.1?
Which download site? (GitHub, FossHub…)
Also an antivirus on Windows could “eat” some files during download :crazy_face:

@BobSynfig @ice0 then I explain better, when I click the blue button “download” on the site “https://www.synfig.org/” takes me to this page “Synfig Studio (stable version) by Synfig”, I click the red button “download now” I press “No thanks, just take me to the downloads” and it takes me to this page that is not fusshub “Synfig Studio (stable version) by Synfig” (the url changes every time you press the button does not seem very convenient to use this site, better if you put it directly in your) and here begin the problems.

-The first problem
if you download the version “synfigstudio-win64-installer.exe” analyze (the installer) on virustotal (detects a trojan), also verified on “https://analyze.intezer.com/” which is much more reliable, detects that it has something suspicious (perhaps something related to cryptominer monero) here is the link to the result of the scan of intezer “https://analyze.intezer.com/analyses/f5e9095a-593a-412d-9567-71d0aa873a75” and here of virus total " VirusTotal "

-Second problem
if you download the version “synfigstudio-win32-installer.exe” on virustotal you get a report “VirusTotal

instead on intezer seems clean (detects it as “unknow”) here is the link:


-Third problem

If you download the version “synfigstudio-win64-portable.zip” does not download the right files, download a tar.gz archive (not even .zip) that inside does not contain the right files to start the program on Windows platforms, (if I’m not mistaken are the files to make it start on Linux), the thing does not happen if you download the version “synfigstudio-win32-portable. zip” is downloaded the archive .zip inside there are the right files to start it on windows platforms (the 32-bit version also works with 64-bit computers but may cause bugs) so please double-check the downloads and solve the problems

p.s if my antivurs (which is not a free antivurs is one of the best if not the best) eats the files, obviously something inside those files should not have been there because it can infect the computer.but anyway the problem is not the antivurs but the mismanagement of your download host of files.

I do not know how to be clearer than that

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I would suggest to revise the site, at least the section of the downloads, it seems to me a little messed up

For sure, this is a lot clearer than your first post with 2 lines

Let’s restart from the begnining

  • About “viruses”

VirusTotal almost always finds something as it is an aggregation of lots of different antiviruses, just check in these forums or on GitHub

The files on itchi.io are identical to the ones you can find on GitHub for example, you can download them and compare their checksums.
It would be surprising that no one would have discovered a virus in more than 6 months since first publication.
In any case, you can still download the source code and compile it by yourself :wink:

  • About the .tar.gz instead of Windows 64bit portable

I downloaded it and yes, there is a mistake, this is the source code, not a Linux version by the way.
No big deal, all the installers can be also found on GitHub, FossHub and SourceForge.
A simple report could have been sufficient, which I will do just by summoning the spirit of Synfig:
:mage: :magic_wand: @KonstantinDmitriev

Other thing, a 32bit version runs fine on a 64bit system, it is just a matter of addressing, operand size and memory capabilities which would reach the maximum offered by the operating system and the CPU. It was the 16bit which were problematic on newer systems, and even for them this is now working.

  • About your antivirus

I’m glad that you have the best one on the market, these tools are only needed on Windows and if you are used to download suspicious stuff, and still they are mostly a placebo.
I just turned 45, with more than 30 years of experience in computers (MS-DOS 3 on i286) and I saw many times antiviruses damage legit downloaded files and even damage Windows
Then I turned to Linux for good (the big difference is that on Windows, you have admin rights by default)

  • Now about your “suggestion to revise the site” which “seems messed up”

Synfig is free (as in speech and beer) and open-source non-profit software, developed, maintained and managed by volunteers, with infrastructures financed by donations.
Finances will even be harder now with current political sanctions.
The choice to use itchi.io (or gumroad in the past) as page of download is to propose to make a little donation, this site taking care of the transactions.
Note that is a proposition and not an obligation, the text is very clear, and there are also other download sites (already mentionned in these forums, you can use the search function to check).
The editorial choices belong to the editors, not to you.

In short, your first post could just have been “Hey guys, there is a mistake in the download link of 64bit portable version”
There is always a way to say the things in a different way.
And if you take the time to read again your text, you will understand why I suggest you to read the definition of this term on Wikipedia: Courtesy

P.S.: Here is the download section on GitHub : https://github.com/synfig/synfig/releases

it may have been the translator’s fault (yes, I’m using a translator), but I didn’t mean to be rude. I just wanted to summarize everything that I did and that happened to me…I’m sorry I came across as rude. I just wanted to write all the steps that I did and that happened to me (without sending a video), I know it is based on donations (what I wanted to suggest is to do something like itchi.io (ie the section with downloads and the ability to make donations) but with your site, so you have everything locally, but I understand that obviously you can not do), I repeat sorry if there were misunderstandings. :smile:


  1. Thank you so much for detailed explanation.
    We already fixed links to portable Windows download (sorry for a mistake).
  2. About VirusTotal. Sometimes there are false positives.
    For example, I just clicked the “Rescan” button on the VirusTotal site for the 32-bit version and now it’s clean (you can check your own link again, the result has changed for the same file). This is because virus databases on VirusTotal have been updated and now they scan this file more correctly.

The 64 bit version still shows the problem, so I’ll take a look at why this is happening.

Thanks again for the report, it really helps make Synfig better.

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I have fixed the problem in my scripts. Should not happen anymore. :slight_smile: