Getting jhbuild bootstrap to work on OS X...

Hello again,

This is the message that I am getting when I try to use jhbuild:

svn co jhbuild
svn: OPTIONS of ‘’: 200 OK (
Goliath:~ $ cd jhbuild && make -f Makefile.plain install
msgfmt -o de.po
msgfmt -o en_GB.po
msgfmt -o es.po
msgfmt -o fr.po
msgfmt -o gl.po
msgfmt -o it.po
msgfmt -o nb.po
msgfmt -o nl.po
msgfmt -o pt_BR.po
msgfmt -o sv.po
msgfmt -o uk.po
Creating /Users//.local/bin/jhbuild
Creating /Users//.local/share/applications/jhbuild.desktop
install -m755 install-check /Users//.local/bin/install-check

if ~/bin/jbuild exists, it is most likely an old version, and it will

not work; so rename it and install a symlink to the new version


Goliath:jhbuild $ jhbuild bootstrap
-bash: jhbuild: command not found

I have been trying to use the build instructions from the Synfig website for Mac. As stated, I am using a G4 Power Macintosh to build this. Any help is most duly appreciated.

I’m not a linux or MacOS guru, but is ~/.local/bin in your path?


That may be my problem. How exactly do I set it to that? Is it a cd command?

From random googling -

For example to add /usr/local/bin to your path under BASH, enter:
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin

so, make the appropriate substitution :slight_smile:

I was also noticing that the jhbuildrc file looks like it was moved. I think that it was moved from both locations listed on the Mac OS X build instructions on the website. That may be part of my problem. So, where is the URL that it would be listed on?

Also, thanks. I will try that, too.

OK. I am at the point where I am ready to use the command “jhbuild bootstrap”. This is what I get:

bash-3.2$ jhbuild bootstrap
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/stevenpeck/jhbuild/jhbuild/”, line 210, in load
execfile(self.filename, config)
File “/Users/stevenpeck/.jhbuildrc”, line 1

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
jhbuild: could not load config file

Does this mean that I have the wrong URL for the .jhbuildrc file? If so, where can I make a path on the Terminal to get the correct file?

Hi artisan!
This line: jhbuild: could not load config file
means that the file is not present and I think it’s because the building instructions are old and the link to the jhbuildrc file is not working.
I do like this: I download this file here …
I make the file executable running the “chmod +x” command in terminal, then I run the in terminal.
After that I’m able to make the jhbuild bootstrap.
AT this site you can see how to build gtk using jhbuild:

Thanks, ulrik. I will try that.

Your assistance is duly appreciated, as always.