New to Synfig

Hi there,

I animate in my spare time as a hobby, and have made a few stupid cartoons with Creatoon. I recently got my hands on Anime Studio 5 (not pro) and it seems okay, but there seem to be some issues and things I’m still trying to work out.

I’m very curious in Synfig, but… help? I’m on Mac OS X and I can find NOTHING that tells me what I have to do to install it. I realize that it’s going to be complicated, but please, can someone walk me though the process? I can’t seem to find a thing.



There are some threads about try to restore the install instructions and discuss the problems under OS X:

Maybe you can contribute testing the build instructions in your machine.
Good luck and welcome.

hi there im new inusing synfig im not familiar with it im noreen from the philpiines and i am facinated on how my friends would use it. i would lke to ask for your help on how im suppose to use synfig to do animation, basically this is our topic in our research work i hope to get your answers please thank you… :slight_smile:

Welcome noreenshawn,
please write your questions in other new posts and we will try to reply as best as we can.