Gaomon Tablet Problem

hi, I have a Gaomon tablet and everytime i touch the programm it breaks down. I need the programm for my school project and i dont want to fail.
(p.s. im from germany)
If you need any information to help with my little problem, just ask :blush:

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Synfig is often in trouble with tablets (just check the forums).
Could you please add some more details:

  • Synfig flavour (version + bitness)
  • OS (version + bitness)
  • Tablet model (for drivers)

For general advice, I would recommend to deactivate auto-save in Preferences which could corrupt the current artwork in case of crash.
Better to save regularly and keep a versioned backup.

Using tablet may also lead to crash because of “jumping values”, it would be (a lot) better to use the mouse instead.

And, until when you have to give back your project?
Maybe we will have a more stable version until then :slight_smile:

Well i downloaded the stable version 64bit, i have Windows 10 and I have the Gaomon tablet model PD1560.
I need the Projekt until mid February and I guess i could try doing it with my mouse until the tablet would work.
Thank you for answering so fast :blue_heart:

Nice Tablet (just be careful with your eyes, it seems it is a bit blue and tiring for the eyes)
Ensure you have the last driver (end of December, here)
Try to use 1.3.10 version which has less bugs (portable version could fit along an installed 1.2.2)
Zooming is especially affected (notice the canvas can be x128 while the preview is 16x) and zoom in-zoom out leads to crash.
And anyway, Synfig is a lot easier to use with a mouse :wink:

Thank you <3 i guess ill get my projekt started :slight_smile: