Frequent Crash to Desktop 1.3.14

Hi, I experience frequent crashes to desktop with Synfig 1.3.14. It is random except I can say that using the mouse wheel to scroll in the parameter and layer panels cause it to happen more frequently. I started using the scroll bars which seems to help prevent as many crashes. Otherwise there is no reason that I can see for it to crash randomly without warning when doing simple things. I save often but it is frustrating. Windows 7 sp1 64-bit (multiple systems with same OS but different hardware behave the same). I have been trying the standalone version of both 1.2.2 and 1.3.14 and experience the same in both. Thank you.

Every system is different, it may come from Windows (W7 has reached end of support btw) or issues with user’s rights.
As I recommend it often, you could try a linux version in a Virtualbox.
On Win10, it is also possible to use the WSL layer

Edit 2020-05-21: Better explanation for WSL

I’m sorry to hear that.

  1. Do you remember if the parameter was in editing mode while you started to scroll?
  2. Or the layer being renamed?
  3. Were you in animation mode?
  4. How many and what kind of layers the open document has?
  5. Did Synfig Studio lags on your machine/system? eg. mouse input lag

Random questions for random behavior :slight_smile:

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Hi BobSynfig thanks for the quick response. I run my many installed and authorized applications (for audio production) as administrator and have no issues with them. At some point I will need to upgrade to Win 10 or change platforms but am planning to use Win 7 until I buy a new computer perhaps in the fall. As a rule I also only run applications natively.

Hi rodolforg thank you for the quick response. I plan to return to synfig and create a simple animation in the next couple of days and will keep your questions in mind so I can answer them as accurately as I can. If there is any type of mode I can enable (logging etc) to assist I would be glad to do that. The one I can answer now is 5 - I notice no lag. Yes random is not easy to troubleshoot :wink:

If I may, there was already an other thread for crashes in 1.3.14 (Synfig 1.3.14 crashes)
Can an admin stitches the two threads together to keep all the info on the same thread?

@rcklln as I said in the other thread, Synfig seems more prone to crash when the project have a sound in it, was i you case?
Also, I tend to crash less often when I disable “next and previous frame rendering”. (I’m using Win7 64b too).

It seems it is still an active issue

Hi TheDarkTiger - I only used sound in Synfig when going through the Face Animation tutorial ( i am still learning) so that probably doesn’t apply in my case. My workflow will involve creating the animation in Synfig and importing it into one of my DAWs to add sound. I’ll add that my systems use usb audio interfaces that use ASIO drivers if that makes any difference to Synfig. Does “next and previous frame rendering” refer to “Enable rendering in background”?. If so I disabled that since preview works much better for me. I am looking forward to continuing with Synfig this weekend and will be reporting back.