Synfig 1.3.14 crashes

I open this thread to centralize the crash of the version 1.3.14

If you manage to make it crashes, please specify :

  • The version of Synfig (32bits / 64bits)
  • The OS you are using
  • Describe what you were doing when it crashes
  • Try to find a way to reproduce the crash is applicable
  • If a particular file is always crashing, please join it (best would be to skim it down to the bug inducing feature)

Please, do search if your bug don’t have a thread already.
Please, do post only for version 1.3.14


So I will start with the last crash I had.
I’m using :

  • Synfig 64bits
  • Windows 7 64bits
  • I was creating a skeleton and Synfig crashed when I moved a bone

What I have done :

  • Imported a SVG from inkscape, and skim it down to 4 splines, outline only.
    Architecture is :

  • Group1

    • Group2
      • Spline1
      • Spline2
      • Spline3
      • Spline4
  • Added a skeleton in Group 2, on top of Spline1

  • Added 3 more child bones (total : 4 bones)

  • Place the bones correctly according to my splines
    Crashes occurs here

I could move bones without problem until the crash.
I didn’t link any Splines to the bones.
I didn’t save the Synfig project before the crash.

But the crash was moving them, right?

Eyup, I was just moving them to place them where they would have been useful.
It work well until it crashes.

I tried the exact same thing again, with the same file and the same number of bones, twice, and it didn’t crash either time. I could link the bones to the splines and make an animation with it.

So, as a follow up, I had many crashes with Synfig 1.3.14, in a variety of cases.
But, it seems to me that the program is more prone to crash when there is a sound in it.
Also, crash seems to appear more often when trying to change the frame by using the time line.

As a side note :
I made a 3min animation with like 3 images slowly moving. I taught that rendering during the night would be cool.

It’s have been 15h now, and Synfig only rendered 72.3%, what the hay!?
What’s the problem with speed and Synfig?
Are you using only one CPU and no GPU to render everything???
(I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just shocked at how slow it is. I mean, even Anim8or whom does raytracing and is 10 years old is faster.)
If I can help, please tell me how.
Maybe I have done something wrong?
I can upload the animation file if you want.