Following a path duplicated ...


Near to the “Pillar of spiral” ,
i have found better way in export / linking and duplicate layer (rare?) usage with nice uggly look.
DuplicateLayer Following Spline.gif

  1. A group layer linked to a spline
  2. Amount param of group layer converted to Add
    3 ) Lhs of Amount param of group layer animated from 0 to 1 in 2s
    4 ) A duplicate layer from -1 to 1 step by division of 1 (0.1 for 10 repetition , 0.05 for 20 …)
  3. Rhs of Amount param of group layer linked to index of duplicate layer (index 1)

    Mainly that’s all…
    DuplicateLayer Following Spline.sifz (2.87 KB)
    Nota : The loop layer + other waypoints are just used to repeat the loop but not the scale.


That’s a really sophisticated use of linking the “Duplicated” group layer to the “Duplicate” layer. Very educational, and very nice effect.