A path of scraps(or any other object)

Hello animators!,

First… Many thanks to the team of developers and contributor that made Synfig 0.91 possible… ¡¡ Muchisimas gracias !!.

This … “trick”, it’s related with others that have appeared before, but I think It combines them and add some things,
I’m talking of:

Following a path duplicated
animate a “travel path”

I think there are other forum topics related, but I couldn’f found it.

I’m attaching a gif file.

  • 1 Basically, it’s a group of objects, the “working group” (a star, and its shadow) in a group layer.
  • 2 The working group is linked to a path
  • 3 After that, the working group is affected by a duplicate layer. The index value is linked to the position in the “track path”
  • 4 The index value is later animated

Well, any critic or comment is welcome… If some one remembers to have seen this method done before, it will be also good to know

Greetings… mmm … well I find problems with the attached animated gif in this forum… please try to download it and see it
leave trail v0.gif

I will also attach the sif file
leave trail 03.sifz (2.49 KB)

Like it! Thinking of footprints over a map or something… Nice trick.