Flat icon set for nomral and dark themes

Just started… don’t expect too much :mrgreen: and I would appreciate feedback and discussion on this.

I will implement a light version for use on dark themes after the all icons be completed based the parameter link feature of Synfig Studio. And hope it would be flexible so that you as advanced users can easily tweak to get your own set with suitable for your desktop environment theme with a few additional actions.

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Like: all except not liked :wink:
Don’t like: origin, onion skin.
Miss: preview icon.

Looks great!

Great work, jcome.

Just a question. Why the animation icon is red and the stop animation icon is green? In semaphores is just backward. :slight_smile:

looks great.

maybe another proposal,
radius handle could have a grey circle with blue dot.

Yes, we have discussed this a bit during proposing the icon, red means recording, see [icons - animate mode on/off and keyframes lock)

You are right, I will take it into account when polishing those icons, thanks.

Hi, All, I have update the image in the first post, if you would to compare the previous versions, please go to the github repo and use its versioning functionality :mrgreen:

panel icons drafts is done :smiley: more will come in coming years (or months :slight_smile: )

  • panel icons completed
  • more tools for toolbox added/completed, and
  • some fixes for other icons,
  • unify elements distance (gaps): 1 unit.

Nice, clean and modern pack. I liked it.

Another things, i found the new version of the curved chain icon (linked value) less explicit than the old one.


Ok, I experienced the chain icon a bit, and the old one is just hided. :mrgreen: maybe I will post them together and ask for voting.

Very cool! 8) like them all, except, maybe, the purple onion skin thingie. :mrgreen:

  • more layers added,
  • filters/distortion/blur is ongoing,
  • gradient will be implemented/finalized in Synfig Studio due to InkScape’s gradient feature limitation,
  • value type: color will be implemented/finalized in Synfig Studio as well, same reason as the above.
  • some tools on toolbox polished
  • started tools on toolbar ((panel) local and global)
  • update canvas icon (thanks Genete and DaveJ’s input on G+)
  • update importimage layer and canvas type accordingly, and
  • develop a shape meta-layer icon.
  • tools for layer panel (local) toolbar added.


I am highly support the holes in the image layer icon. That will fit very well into our concept of frame-by-frame animation, where individual frames are represented by image layers.

I will update those icons in the current icon set using this concept as well.

  • more tools for layer panel
  • Have been preparing to “port” svg to sif :slight_smile:
  • Add a palette (including color chart and time:
    – It would be easy to tweak the whole icon set for using on dark DE theme env.
    – The time(silder) is used for rendering of multiply icons in one sif file)
  • Makefile.am file for render in CLI
    [attachment=0]Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 2.56.37 PM.png[/attachment]

Look great. Can’t wait to see it in action!

Still at the prototype stage, as you can see, for some icons, Gradient Tool in this case, it is quite hard to figure out a suite-able metaphor:

Looks great but why would you need a methaphor for gradients? Why not use them as you have here but a little bit more detailed, perhaps a gradiented box/sheet of paper/kidney shape/etc.?

Ok, I intended to make this icon set as a iconic font too, hence gradient should be avoided in design. After played with Gravit (it uses Font Awesome Icon Set for their UI) a bit, I feel iconic font would be really nice and even better than I imagined before.

Thanks Konstantin’s idea, we found the neat idea for Gradient Tool (which can be easily extended to introduce value type, gradient layers icon as well).

Now, layer icons are going to be completed, only Filter Layers remained.