February Challenge - new Synfig splash screen!

Since we would like to make a new release before Fedora 9’s March freeze I had an idea for synfig to be like gimp/inkscape - a new splash screen for every release (and perhaps several in SVN between releases), showcasing some of the art done by the community.

I’ve written an about dialog that is like the gimp 2.4 one, haven’t integrated it into synfig yet or moved the current code from aboutdialog to splashscreen though.

I’m thinking it should be a still image, just in case the code isn’t ready for an animated one, and also because studio doesn’t start that slowly.

No particular theme or size, let those artist imaginations flourish! It should probably include the words “synfig studio” and maybe include the logo or remind folks of the logo. You may want to search through the IRC/list/wiki/etc archives and find a joke or recurring theme for inspiration. Perhaps try to keep it smallish - around 300x400 like the gimp one.

The chosen splash must be either public domain or licensed under the GPL-2 (with “or later” option). It must also come with full source code - so we can modify & render it if needed. It must all be created in synfig, no dependencies on external images created in other applications, nor special fonts.

Questions, suggestions, etc are welcome. Happy drawing!

Good idea pabs!

I have some suggestions though:

  1. I think it could be an animation. The participant can send two files: one for the still and other for the aniamtion. Both based on the same file but the still frame to be selected by the participant. I believe that an animation fits perfectly on the about dialog and the still on the splash screen. Also I believe that embed an animated GIF into a GTK window is not a big issue.
  2. As the splash still or the animation is completely done in synfig, size itself is not an issue. Simply scale the output render to fit requeirements. (Do you remember spatial resolution independence? :wink:). Splash size and about size must be decided by the developer team not by the challenge participant.
  3. The work wouldn’t include registered or copyrighted images logos or text phases by its synfig representation without the written permit of the owner. This would avoid any legal problem.

Be sure I’ll participate!!!

Not sure if I was clear enough. The about dialog will look like the gimp one:

The challenge is only for the splash screen on application startup. I know at the moment they are the same but they will soon be different. The split will fix some bugs/feature requests in the tracker about this. The about dialog will simply feature the logo.

I agree about the size and the other points though.

Another thing, if you feel the need to put the version in, that is fine, if not, that is fine too. The version will be 0.61.08.

Update: the splash/about dialog split is mostly completed in SVN. Just needs tweaks to show the svn revision and build info for development builds.

Please either use the current synfig logo (or create an impression of it) or come up with a new logo or mascot and include it in your splash screen.

By akhilman

My image for contest.
Everything done in synfig. Thanks for HDRI processing.

Looks pretty good! :slight_smile:

I know that it is a free piece of art and that everything is valid but… the rainbow halo you have nicely drawn, shouldn’t be on top of the scene? I mean, that kind of halos I think comes from a diffraction of the light when pass through the camera lenses. Shouldn’t be on top of the captured image?. It is on top of synfig’s logo but not on top of the sun’s light. Almost is what I see…
also if it is that kind of halos then it probably is shifted from the centre of the light source and not centred.

Anyway it is beautiful.

Hey pabs!

I guess that most of the participants in this chalenge will be regular people from the IRC and from the forum.

If there are (let’s say) 10 works and we are 10 people to submit votes… It will be a big deal!

Have you thought about the punctuation system to choose the winner?


PD: and pabs reply: “nop, have you got any idea genete?” :smiley:

Typically what happens on other forums is that all entries are gathered into a new thread with a poll on it. Then anyone that wants gets to vote on the entry they like best.

Well this is my entry:

Woooha, the sea is impressive, Genete :slight_smile:

Ok, I just noticed that the sail is the shape of the synfig logo; very good and creative idea!

Very well done genete! It is really all made in synfig? the logo seems to be a bit hidden, it’s not the first thing you see, it’s the water.
It’s a funny idea! :smiley:

hey! thanks rore and ulrik for your kind comments! :slight_smile:

yes! absolutely everything is made with synfig!.

check out the file:


it is a little heavy due to the warp layers and the noise gradients.



Here is my entry for the February Challenge.
Left enough space so you should be able to
add what text you need with version numbers
kudos etc…

Source file.

This is my entry to the Februari challenge.

source file: http://www.musikboden.se/synfigfiles/synfig-screen.sifz.zip

Very nice butterfly ulrik!
But I have errors opening the file. First it seems not to be zipped and studio tells me that cannot open it.

Can you test to download it to other folder and try to open?

Thank you Genete! You’re right, I forgot to zip it, I downloaded it and it took the extension .sifz.txt, I just removed the .txt part and I could open it.
I’ll zip it and put a new link…just a moment
…done!! I changed the link in the previous note.

It’s fine for me, other than that it depends on finding ‘logo.sifz’ in a particular place.

I reuploaded it here:


bundled up with the logo.sifz file - just extract the 2 files anywhere and they’ll load OK now.

Thank you dooglus, I forgot that logo file too… :blush:

Super HiRes version

Link to the robots.sifz source file


That’s a funny one pixelgeek!! The robot is very good, I have some problems reading the letters and numbers though.
Well done! :smiley: