February Challenge - new Synfig splash screen!


Hey pixelgeek!
cool entry! and well done!


Ok, so we wanted to release synfig 0.61.08 before the Fedora 9 freeze so that we can get synfig/studio into Fedora 9.

To do that, we have to get it out by March 4. That gives us exactly 2 weeks to finish the release.

So, we’ll close the competition a week before the release and then post a poll on which splash screen will be used. On the weekend of the start of March, we’ll integrate the splash screen and then make the release that weekend.

So, if you haven’t entered or if you want to make some tweaks or a new entry, now is the time to start working on your entry!


Here’s my entry:

(large image)

Source file: zelgadis.profusehost.net/files/m … splash.zip


The ‘large image’ link doesn’t work for me, but this one does.


I would like to see a lot more Anime style graphics for synfig would be very cool.


Good one Zelgadis!
I like it! :slight_smile:



Especially taking into account the fact that for Robert, software engineer of synfig, “watching and enjoying anime became an enjoyable pastime.” [synfig.org/History] :wink:

It’s strange. I’ve changed the link. Hope it would help.

BTW, you can play with hairs/cloth/eyes/skin colors by changing exported values.

Originally the idea was to make splash with transparency. Here’s the transparent version (you need to place it on non-white background to notice the white border around):
zelgadis.profusehost.net/files/m … parent.png
Large: 23hq.com/MorevnaProject/phot … view-large
Source: zelgadis.profusehost.net/files/m … parent.zip

Thanks for responses!


Yeah, done, incredibly fast … and simple :] (and with the text from the “official” splash, because I liked it, and didn’t really had the time to change it :mrgreen: )

(Now just give me a few minutes to upload the source somewhere :slight_smile: ) – yeah, done

And it’s brick-red!


I like it so much! Perfect color matching!!!

Only would separate the words synfig from studio a little


Excellent rore, glad you made it!

To everyone else, the challenge is now closed, so that we can run a poll to decide which splash screen will be added to the 0.61.08 release. I’ll post the poll now.


Would anyone be kind enough as to upload the splash of R0RE again? I really like it and would like to see how she made the gradients… as I always end up using “onto” with colors and hope she had another technique so I can learn smthg here.

Thanks in advance,


For some reason I have a lot of trouble with that splash, that is, I can’t open the file because it tries to import the synfig logo.sifz from a certain place, and can’t find it.

Anyway, adding the file in the right location etc., I managed to open it, then removed any reference to the logo.sifz, and uploaded it here sites.google.com/site/aurored/sp … edirects=0
So, that’s just the background, not the whole splash image - but as the question was about the background… :slight_smile:

I didn’t even remember how I did the gradients, it seems they’re just simple gradient with Composite mode, nothing too fancy ^^


rore: Please upload damaged file too -it’s nice piece of work. I can fix references easily.


Ok, here it is. (I don’t post the logo.sifz that it needs, as it’s included in the synfig examples)
You’ll see the mess of my home directory :mrgreen:
splash.sifz (4.29 KB)


splash.zip (9.37 KB)


synfig.org/wiki/Challenges/Febru … ash_screen
has been updated with the new source file.



Thanks rore for the file and zelgadis for the fix.
have a nice day,


Great new splash!

By the way, just noticed the splash archive is not updated: http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Releases/Splash_Archive

Best, Yaco.


Wrong forum thread? :unamused: