Export to Lottie - Amimation doesn't look like preview


I am new to Synfig, I just installed the software yesterday. I created a simple animation to export to Lottie. I used 2 .png files and added a move and rotate to one of the.png files.

When I the file is exported it doesn’t look like the file I saw in the preview. I have a attached a picture of the animation. All I did to the animation was make it wave.

Are there any settings that I need to change before exporting

I have attached the file it produced. As you can see when exported it doesn’t resemble the animation in preview.
Preview on left - Exported on Right

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The Lottie exporter lacks some features and “you need to learn its capabilities” before using it with success…
Could you attach the .sif/.sifz file to check it?

An alternative option would be using this 3rd party exporter that sometimes builds better Lottie files:

Hello Pablogil

My restrictions were lifted so I have attached the file

Synfig Animation 2.sifz (1.5 KB)

I also posted the file here as i previously wasn’t able to attach a file:

As I am very new and not the most technically astute. The plugin you are suggesting do I need to work with SVG files instead of using a PNG?

I did try downloading the plugin you mentioned but I am struggling to work out how to install the plugin. I have had a look on forums and it says to extract the files in the synfig plugin folder. However I cant see a folder called Plugin
Should I just create a folder called Plugins inside C:\Users\Me\Synfig\ and extract the files into the created folder?

Thank you for your time and help

Let’s try first the easiest method, that is, using the Synfig built in Lottie exporter: I need not just the .sifz file but the 2 .PNGs you used… could you share them as well?


BTW, I tried using random PNGs from my computer and I checked your animation:

  • Apart from the fact you are a newbie animator and I can see many unnecessary waypoints, the animation looks fine
  • I’m able to export it as a Lottie file and it works

So, till you share the original PNGs (in case there something wrong with them), the only thing it could be messing things up is the exporter or version you are using, what Synfig version are you using?

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Hello Pablogil

Thank you for taking your time to help me. It is very much appreciated.

I did start with only using two waypoints. One at high point of wave and then duplicated the original way point. However I either saw gaps in the arm or sections sticking out so the additional waypoints were added to combat it.

I think I may have worked out a reason. When I read your comments and you suggested it may be the original .pngs that are the problem. I remembered they were way larger than the canvas size when I imported them. I had to drastically scale them down.

I created smaller versions that were to the scale of the canvas and it seems to have solved the problem. It also only needed the two waypoints and it moves how I want it to.

(I didn’t use the plugin as I couldn’t work out how to install it :sweat_smile:)

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: :star2: :star2: :star2:

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I’m happy tot hear that :grinning: