Dragging in order to ungroup does not work on Mac

Hello. I know there is no ungroup function implemented yet, but I read that people can drag files out of the layer and delete that layer after. If I drag something out from a layer on Mac, nothing happens. This is really frustrating. Is it a bug?

Synfig 1.3.10

Mac is known for have trouble with drag’n’drop in Synfig (and other software with GTK).
As a workaround, you could use a Virtualbox with a Linux guest or edit manualy the sif file (good luck!)

I see. I will try to mess around with the sif file. Thank you.

Alternatively to drag-and-drop, you can use standard shortcuts.
Just select the needed layers with SHIFT+Right click, then CTRL+X and then CTRL+V to a new place in the layer’s tree.