Does Synfig work on Windows Vista?

Hi, i’ve just recently joined this forum (mainly to ask this question, because i was unable to find any other way to contact Synfig people!), and this is the first question i have asked. Does anyone know if Synfig works on Windows Vista? that is the operating system i have.

Thanks to all honest replies!!!

Yes it does.

Let me know if you have any problems with it.
Chris doesn’t have enough contact channels? :unamused:
Welcome to synfig :wink:

No, i’m afraid not. i think it needs to have an email address, so people like me can correspond with the synfig staff about minor issues, such as my question about whether or not it works on Vista… :wink: But thanks for responding to my forum post! :mrgreen:


oh, and i ran into another problem with synfig that needs to be addressed! i’ve already downloaded synfig from link on (after reading my first reply to my posting!), and tried to install it. it said it installed successfully (even though it took only about a second; i thought that was odd!), but it was neither in the Start menu, nor was there a desktop shortcut. i went to my hard drive in My Computer, and DID find the folder named ‘synfig’, but…when i tried opening the synfig application in the ‘bin’ folder, i got an error message saying that a certain file had not been installed. i even went so far as to uninstall and then reinstall synfig, but i received the same message when starting. Do any of u techie guys know what the problem is? could it be that the download file was missing something?


There are two email lists on the contact page, is that not enough? Synfig is a community project, there is no one person to contact about it. Anyway we prefer the forums or IRC for support so anyone can respond to questions.

You might want to try the install walkthrough video if you are having trouble installing on Windows.

Oh…sorry! :open_mouth: i guess i missed them the first time i looked at the email list page. i saw only the '’ address, at the top of the page, and mistakenly thought that was meant to be the email address, and so i sent an email to that address, only to receive a failure notice email from Yahoo, saying it had failed. after realizing my mistake with the address, i then jumped to the conclusion that there was no email address on the contact page, resulting in, of course, asking that question on synfig forum! MY BAD!

Sorry for the little mixup, and i’ll try watching the ‘install walkthrough video’ to find out what i did wrong when installing it, so that i got that error message saying a file was missing! if that still doesn’t work, then i’ll come back here to the forum to post any and all updated info that i might have obtained since then! :slight_smile:


ok…here’s a problem for you. i finally figured out what the problem was installing it at first (i had only downloaded ‘synfig’ without downloading the other three important parts of the program, i.e. etl, and synfigstudio), and i installed it no problem. also i downloaded that ‘task assign’ program by tomshardware, and set it to have synfig run on only one processor (as i have a Dual Core 2 processor!), because i read that message on synfig website saying there was an issue with rendering process on Windows!!!

so…i think i installed everything correctly, and the program DOES work (in case your wondering!!!) on Vista. that’s not the problem. my problem now is, when i open it, five different windows of synfig open (i don’t know if this is what it is meant to do…?), namely, the windows: ‘synfig animation’; ‘params, children, keyframes, timetrack, curves, canvas metadate’; ‘navigator, info, palette editor, tool options, history, canvas browser, layers’; ‘synfig studio’; and lastly, ‘synfig studio’!!!

in case you didn’t notice, there are TWO ‘synfig studios’, because one of the windows is a command prompt with that name!

And there are 5 separate windows open for the same program, instead of the usual ONE. :open_mouth: Is there something that can be done to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


:slight_smile: Glad you got it running.

Yes, it’s normal for Synfig to open 5 windows. It’s part of the way that Windows handles GTK programs. Gimp does the same thing. There may be some way to code around it, but none of the current developers are familiar with a workaround.


Thanks! not trying to argue, but i HAVE gimp, and no, it doesn’t open with five windows, like synfig does. it opens with only one!!!

unless of course we’re talking about two different programs named gimp…?

the one i’m talking about is a program a lot like Adobe Photoshop, and the icon for the program is an animated dog holding a paintbrush in his mouth!

P.S. i just opened the gimp program again, to make sure, and it only has ONE window!!!

Mine opens up the main Gimp window and also the layers dialog. I believe it remembers what dialogs where open. But my point is that if you open any other dialog, it opens in a separate window.

Agreed - Synfig’s behaviour is not typical of Windows programs, and is something that we should figure out a solution for.


same with mine…only the dialog boxes are opened up within the Gimp application itself…instead of in completely separate windows, like synfig. I just think its kind of weird to have 5 different tabs on the taskbar for a single program… :wink: I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done to fix this problem, just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.



That someone could be you!!!

Could be. :mrgreen:


:slight_smile: never say never. Genete wasn’t a coder before he got involved with synfig, he’s made several patches and did almost all the work for the 0.61.09 release!

You too can learn to code!!!

Of course there are many other ways to contribute to synfig, some examples;

  • document code
  • triage bugs (check if they still exist, report more information, etc)
  • translating the user interface to your native language if it isn’t English
  • help organise, fix and improve the wiki
  • writing tutorials
  • recording video tutorials
  • help the Morevna Project
  • and more…

Anyways, hopefully pixelgeek will work on the Windows thing, or ask the GTK+ developers about it.

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Good idea. :slight_smile:
I just may do that.


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It all starts with doing some reflection. What is it that is currently holding you back from using the Synfig software in the way you want to.

  • Is it certain bugs?
  • Is it the lack of certain features?
  • Is it the lack of knowing how to do certain things?

The second thing to reflect on is what can you do?

  • Search information on the Wiki that might be badly placed/linked?
  • Read stuff on the Wiki and correct or extend it?
  • Can you program?
  • Can you build the software?
  • Can you look through the bug database and start classifying all vague/unreproducable errors?

Useful activities frequently are very mundane (i.e., boring).


ok, in answer to your first question, i think what is holding me back from using the synfig software the way i want to, is the lack of certain features, i.e. not opening in a single window, but opening in FIVE! :laughing:

and in answer to your question concerning whether or not i can program, or build software, the answer is NO…at least for the time being!!! i would like to learn, but i don’t really know how. and i also don’t know what u mean by ‘bug database’? what is that, and how do i classify all vague/unreproducable errors!!!

Thanks, and looking forward to next reply!