Does Synfig work on Windows Vista?

Bugs are usually stored and tracked in a “bug traker” system. We use this one. There are others in the web.
There you can discuss the bug, post proposed solutions and manage them as items (close, open, solve, duplicated, etc.).
Sometimes the bugs are difficult to repeat or reproduce. Then they quickly are forgotten unless they are really annoying. Try to reproduce a bug and document it is a way to help synfig be a better program. Most of the times a forgotten bug is the cause of other bigger when the new code uses a buggy code. If they are fixed soon they produces less damage later.


would u describe the program opening in FIVE windows a bug?!!! if so, then please respond!!!

Yes, it is a bug, but not a bug in synfigstudio. It is a bug in GTK+ (the widget/button/text/window toolkit we use) and thus affects any GTK+ application on Windows. Do you have the same issue with the GIMP on Windows?

no…not at all!!! that program opens up in only ONE window, instead of FIVE, like synfig!!!

On my system GIMP opens 3 windows:

  • Tools window
  • Brushes windows
  • Canvas

And I usually like the layers window too. Then I’m already up to 4!

But as indicated, no one disputes the fact that this method is undesirable.
Changing it is, however, also a nontrivial operation.


same with mine!!! only those windows u mentioned r actually opened within the MAIN application of gimp itself, instead of five SEPARATE windows of the same application, like synfig (to which, in order to close the program, u have to close each individual window, instead of the usual MAIN window, which closes all!), and i can close all the windows of gimp u mentioned by simply closing the larger application! which is how all other programs i have had experience with on Windows work!

Closing the main Synfig window closes the other windows also.

if u meant the command prompt, then yes…YES it does!!! :laughing:

if however u meant the canvas window, then no…No it doesn’t!!! :laughing:

the other FOUR windows stay open in mine, if u close the canvas window! then i have to MANUALLY close each one, before the synfig app is COMPLETELY closed! :imp:

and even if u were talking about the command prompt, i still think its a little weird having to close a command prompt window instead of the app itself! :laughing:

but i’m glad ur going to work on the problem!! synfig is still cool!!! :slight_smile:

P.S. i just created an account on! i plan on helping with the whole “bug” thing!!! yo! :laughing: and on a different note, does compiling synfig MANUALLY work on Vista, or is it only for Linux?

The Synfig Console (black and white DOS box window) will close it out, as will closing the main Synfig tool dialog.

Closing the canvas out may just mean that you’re getting ready to open another one. You don’t actually want that to close the application out.

Compiling Synfig under Vista should get you the same binary as you’re already running.


oh…right!!! :astonished: i didn’t think the program could be closed by closing the tool box! thanks for catching my mistake!!! and in answer to the whole “compiling” thing u said, i just want to say first that if the binary download is the same as the compiled version, then what exactly is the point of having both? why compile it, when its easier just to use the binary? my understanding of it was that u compile it in ‘debug’ mode (whatever THAT is!), and then somehow find whatever bugs ur looking for, record the info, and then post the bug on ur website! if this is not the case, then please explain!

the reason i was asking was because i wanted to start ‘tracking’ (not quite sure EXACTLY what that means!) bugs, and so i wanted to know if compiling worked in Vista! NOW i know it does! :smiley: