Documentation on the formats and specifications

It seems like there are now two formats used in synfig, “.sfg and “.sifz.

I am looking for documentation on these formats so I can write a generic C++ library that can import them.

The following seems to be the extent of the documentation:
[]External plugin to write .sif]
]SIF format specification]

bioalchemist welcome to the forum,

In fact it’s three format, you mess .sif who is non compressed sifz (aka readable xml)

Oups, … actually nothings was done in that direction … but, “sif” is “readable” … Haramanai have done some javascript work to convert sif to html5 …

Digging in that way, if you can draft (wiki : dev ) the format could be very useful for the community … ! :wink:

What kind of conversion are you thinking about ?

Who wrote designed the format? There’s got to be at least a reference document, school drawingboard, napkin, etc.