Conversion to 'Animation from File'

I have noticed that it is possible to convert some types of parameters to “Animation from File”, which I assume allows for putting e.g. calculated positions from some other program. However, unlike all of the other Convert options, there is no documentation at all on what the format of such a file should be. Does anyone out there know how to prepare a file for this conversion, and how synfig interprets its contents?


I have the same enquiry - I can find no documentation or reference to the converter “Animation by file”, which seems to operate and allow selection of a file, presumably to import waypoints.

Has anyone out there got this working and can share the syntax and file formats that work for this? I’ve had a stab with .csv and .txt, but I’m not getting any success.


When I use Papagayo to animate a speaking mouth, and then import the Papagayo file, then examine the structure that gets created upon this import … There is an ‘animation from file’ conversion on one of the parameters of the big ‘switch’ conversion that appears… So I assume that this conversion was created strictly as a hook for how they make ‘import Papagayo’ work, i.e. making the appropriate parameter of a ‘switch’ conversion change over time. I suppose a .pgo file could be examined to determine the format they use to accomplish this, but that’s probably not the functionality you’re looking for.

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I just read the source code and it is for PGO files: Papagayo file format.

I don’t know why it’s available with this name :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, that’s cleared that up nicely - I’ll stop trying to make it work!