Clipping and Linked Duplicate

I hope i’m right, if i think that clipping isn’t implemented. But overlay-Operations can be used, so this is quite nice and will do more or less the same. But for Clipping it is usefull to have linked duplicates. Is there a faster way than to link the vertice list? (like clone in inkscape)

To link two vertices list you don’t need to link one by one. Just select both layers and do right click on the layer’s parameter list over the (probably) greyed bline list. Select “link” and both will be the same bline.

Regarding to “clipping” can you be more precise in what’s the effect you’re looking for?

Thank you, that make things easier.

The effect i tried (sucessfully) to achive was that one fill/line is only displayed within another. Like an circle in a square and as soon you move the circle (partially) outside it gets limited (not drawn outside) by the square area. With a “clone” of the white eyepart it seamed very easy, but then the crashes hunted me. :wink:

Clipping is made by using blend methods.
Layer A (Onto)
Layer B (whatever)

B clips A