Are there nightly builds (artifacts) available in GitHub?


I would love to test newest builds but I saw that the development builds are more than one year old (v1.5.1). I’ve been digging in GitHub and found out that there are no builds created after commiting but tests are done for different platforms so, are there nightly builds somewhere or the only option to test the newer features/improvements/fixes are via building from source myself?


Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
You can find the most recent builds in this thread: Weekly Reports (2022)

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Thanks @BobSynfig,

I was just reading them and found some builds, yeah! I’m downloading newer one but, they are missing macOS ones so I’ll have to try them with a virtual OS. Is there any reason why macOS test builds are not included for testing?


I guess that fresh builds are still testing ones and don’t bring anything special new for MacOS.
Most of the last updates target Windows optimizations.
But anyway, as Synfig is open-source, you can still compile it yourself :wink:

Indeed, but I hate dealing with dependencies and, very often, with local computer problems (with software versions and stuff) so I find pretty easy to download Artifacts from GitHub and just try the build
Anyway, if there are no macOS test builds out there I may try compiling it myself…

There is still the possibility to use a Virtual machine to produce the binaries without to alter the host system.
Or use Docker :wink: GitHub - morevnaproject/morevna-builds

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