Aligning canvas with grid and scaling items exactly

Just discovered Synfig and I haven’t been as excited since… well… you know…

Couple of questions:

  • Is it possible to align the grid and the canvas exactly? I zoom in and my grid doesn’t line up with the canvas edge exactly

  • Can I scale an imported image, or a box, to exact dimensions somehow - like set the width and height in px like I would in Inkscape for example?

Many thanks!!

Welcome to the world of Synfig!

Yes, it is a bit tricky but possible.

  1. Go to Canvas>Properties
  2. Go to Other tab. Uncheck Pixel aspect and Image scale.
  3. Back to Image tab. From Image Area section calcule: W= Upper LeftX - Bottom RightX and H=Upper LeftY - Bottom RightY
  4. Enter the following values: Upper LeftX=0; Upper LeftY=0; Bottom RightX=W; Bottom RightY=H
  5. Go to Other tab. Check Pixel aspect and Image scale (or not).
    You’re done. Grid is always aligned to the top left corner of the canvas. Beware that new layers using the menu, would be created centered on the top left corner and not the center of the canvas.

You can always scale a image to an exact value. It is just a question of calculations of the image dimensions and the canvas dimensions. For your info: 60 pixels = 1 Synfig Unit.

You’re welcome!