[AACHQ] Sketch of the day

By popular request … or maybe not, but anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the Average Artist Club HQ, a place for everyone to post sketches, attempts at drawing characters or whatever you like.
They can be pencil on paper (or mayde in synfig or any 2D software, if you’re lucky to have a tablet, or don’t have a scanner)

The aim is … can you guess? … it’s to draw. More. More often. To get used to drawing. Because maybe of us still have some trouble with drawing, be it in “realistic” style or “cartoon” style - (so it became bothersome for animations :slight_smile:). I think it’s easier to draw more when there’s others that do the same and share their work than when you’re just drawing alone.
And maybe it could give some inspiration, or bring creativity, to some.

[size=85](Also, the name is just a joke, you don’t need to be an “average artist” - whatever that means - to post :wink: )[/size]

Now, sharpen your pencils and keep your erasers at hand, and … draw :smiley:

Hm, someone has to start, so ok, starting with a quick sketch of a cat head I draw to show how I imagined a fat cat to Genete :slight_smile:

For some reason I think that the wide space between the mouth and the nose always makes characters look snooty / pretentious.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

OMG it’s an #ss :open_mouth: :laughing:

Trying to not to stiff my wrist.


I noticed you’re using Krita. How does it compare to other applications, like the GIMP?


Already said that on IRC, but the last mouse (in black) is really excellent :slight_smile:

Trying to create a character (not for an animated thing, however). So ok, I can make it look almost the same in front and profile, but I’m lost as soon as I try some funny 3/4 top view. I need to draw more, eww.

It has is pros and cons. The thing that makes me use it is the pencil perception. The default pressure is really a pleasure to use it. I’ve added a piece of real paper onto the tablet and the combination is really good now.
But I miss some of the features of Gimp. I dislike that it doesn’t remember the brush size for each type of tool (brush vs eraser). Also the standard layout makes the layer list to “jump” when select different layers because the layer option panel (on top) makes it change the position of the selected layer. It irritated me a lot a the beginning. I solved it placing the layer properties below the layer list.

On the rest I guess that Gimp is much more completed with plugings and so on. Krita is very promising.

rore: Don’t be so exigent! It has personality. Struggle it more! :slight_smile:

Maybe I use it for the random challenge… ha ha ha ha :smiling_imp:

My turn ^___^

Sketch by Andrey (my 5-years-old nephew):

Not an exact copy but helped me to create that face.

My God. Is this possible?

I recognize that I’ve looked to real photos to draw this one. Never remember how different is a Sea Lion from a Earless seal

Maybe I’m start loving Krita/Gimp?

I’ve commited a sin, I’ve purchased a HP Pavillion TX2620 tablet PC… It is great for hand made drawings!
Of course I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.04. It is working much better than with Vista and I only miss one feature: wacom-touch. The rest is working more or less out of the box.

Amazing! Congratulations, genete! What is “wacom-touch”?

With the Tablet PC HP Pavillion TX series you have two ways to use the built in wacom: using the stylus (working) and using the fingers (wacom-touch) not working. Anyway it is just in the case I’m in a hurry, because it is very unaccurate to do a click with the fingers.

Thanks for the comment. BTW, the image story is this:
I asked my jounger son: “What do you want I draw?”, he replied: “Draw Jiminy Cricket (from Disney’s Pinnocchio)”, and I started to draw. I leave my mind to flow without taking care whether the result is similar to the original character… and that’s what I got! :wink: