[AACHQ] Sketch of the day


Nice one! :smiley:


Yesterday it looked better…



Maybe he stayed out too late? :laughing:



Don’t know, does it make sense or not… Well, whatevr. ^___^03.jpg02.jpg01.jpg


Dancing con’d:

Result merged in Synfig:


For my 1st post in this topic, here’s a little punk as I often draw some:

(for info I use TVPaint for Bitmap drawing and animation, I know it’s not a free nor open-souce software, but it’s the best I’ve found to get a natural drawing feeling with my wacom and , all the most, to do animation directly with it ! It only lacks vector Layers, that’s why I use synfig for tracing/animating when I need or want some thin/smooth vector lines ^^)


Oh man!, close to your drawings, mine looks like from a 5 years old child! :slight_smile:


An assignment I did for a “sketching and drawing” course I’m taking…
Its charcoal on paper, nothing digital…



This is my first draw with Gimp:

I’m working on an animation with it: (comming soon) :wink:


But You know how to CODE, me not :wink:

to Gerco: Nice charcoal work ^^


But You know how to CODE, me not :wink:

to Gerco: Nice charcoal work ^^


Just for reference - my 7 year old daughter’s first animation (with a little help from dad).

Go Rebecca!


Quite aggressive?


Hmmm. Do you think this one is anatomically correct? [attachment=0]Iva - Sketch.png[/attachment]
This took really long because I used this as an exercise to teach me how to draw the proportions correctly :slight_smile: . Maybe her head is too big :neutral_face: ?


That also depends on what style you’re going for. For instance, “correct” headsize
depends on how cartoony you want to draw. My first impression was that the arms
might be a bit short, but otherwise it looks okay.



a very quick sketch of Arshia (main character of anime we are working on )


Great drawing Ichigo!
What’s the bird like thing on the left? :slight_smile:


the outline is by Morevna project team and I’ve just colored it .

i saw this bird stuff in Naruto Shipuden it was some how weird for me 2


Nice draws, Ichigo sensei.
What is the project about (if you can tell me)?


Thx but as i told u the outline is by m"Morevna Project" (viewforum.php?f=23) .Morevna project is an open surce anime .