A plugin to convert all outlines to advanced outlines

I have created a plugin which will convert all the outlines to advanced outlines.
Advantages over using the “Make Advanced Outline” (within Synfig studio):

  1. Preserves the color
  2. Preserves the width
  3. Useful if you want every outline to be advanced outline

If you face any issues then please tell me, we will discuss and solve that.

Make advanced outline.zip (1.4 KB)

Unzip the file and paste it in the plugins folder for your operating system. Restart the Synfig Desktop.

The option is visible in Plug-Ins “Make Advanced Outline”, click on it and then all the outlines will be converted into advanced outlines.

This is especially useful if you import svg or export the sif from Inkscape and you want advanced outlines rather than outlines.

Use with caution, always make sure to have the original file saved before using the plugin


Is it possible to create a plugin to switch between groups in a switch layer in order in every consecutive frame?

You don’t need a plugin for that purpose :slight_smile:

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That was amazing! :star_struck: Thanks a lot.