A plugin origin to the center of object

Here a plugin which will set it’s origin to center for all layers which will have bline and origin (doesn’t support groups yet)

Set the orgin to center.zip (3.8 KB)

Extract the zip file and then move it to your plugins directory . Restart Synfig and you can see the option in plugin menu “Center the Origin”.

This will center the origin. This is based on position of vertices the center is calculated by where the vertices are. Considering a imaginary rectangle around that object the midpoint is calculated for diagonal which will be the center of object. This technique has few limitations which I will fix, and the updates will be on this thread.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

An update to the plugin !

Now supports group layer centers the group layer origin.

Set the origin to center.zip (4.1 KB)

Now centers all the shapes and group layers origin. If you find any bugs then please tell me, if possible provide the screenshot of error shown if something goes wrong. Or the sif file you are working with. And help would be appreciated.