2nd Practice Art Done!!!

Hello everyone!! :slight_smile:

Finally!! After all the busy-ness and laziness
I got my 2nd pic done!! :mrgreen:

Called practice art because i still trying to get all the feels and workflows that i need
and still not quite yet… - the group layers’ structure still ended up being super messy :blush:

i still need to find easier way to fill my linearts
also got stuck while trying to shade the hair - and just gave up anyway
and my eyes got hurt because of i need to squint a lot for precise shade region splining :cry:
so easy shading is another one to look for :exclamation:

apart from that, i do put some cel-shades and smooth shades
i used black color with super small amount “Onto” them, :bulb:
and for the smooth-shades i decided to go with either feathered or blurred region
because the curve gradient lags synfig a lot - even if there’s only two of them. So no, thanks :neutral_face:

where’s the first one…?
well, it’s in one of my posts in a thread, so go check the sifz file out…
…here :arrow_right: Advanced Outlines' Width Parameter from Vertices List are "Non-Existent"

Anyway, here’s the 2nd practice art in jpeg :smiley:

i’ll also attach the sifz file. again, Be careful, the layer structures are all still messed up :wink:

Practice2.sifz (84.3 KB)