zoom Curves panel?

Is there some way of zooming in/out in the curves panel to be able to see everything of all curves at once?
If changing the height of the window the curves is just stretched so the same part just occupies more space.

I just tried it and found out that you can do it with the mousewheel.

Right, the mouse wheel over the curves drawing area.

And if one does not have a mouse wheel? (using tablet here)

Good point.
Bad for Synfig, indeed.

Found out that I do have a scroll area at my touchpad so I can zoom, but only when having the keyboard open (as not folded up tablet).

It has to be fixed anyway.
Would you please open a tracker in the bug or feature request list?

yes, will do.
I’m working through a mockup/proposal of timeline/graph editor fixes so there will be more bug reports soon. Think I’ll wait with this one for then as well.

Thank you very much for your help David :slight_smile: