Z-index on layers / nivel con capas

[en] I wish to know if it exists some way to go up this drawing on top of everything, modifying the z-index
[es] deseo saber si existe alguna manera de subir ese dibujo arriba de todo, modificando el z-index

In theory, you could:

  • duplicate the group “pulgar” (as “pulgar2”) and place it above “cano”
  • export properties of “pulgar” (origin and transformation)
  • select “pulgar2” and connect the corresponding properties

You can then set Amount of “pulgar2” and animate “pulgar” still under “cano”
Then you will animate Amount of both “pulgar” and “pulgar2” at the moment it will pass from under to above “cano”

I said “in theory”, because it was crashing almost everytime at some point :confused:
Don’t forget to backup your work before try!

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