Z-depth Text blurring [Synfig < 1.6.x - Workaround]

I am new to synfig, but finding it very intuitive and helpful. However, I am stumped when it comes to blurred texts.

I am trying to create animated slides with many text pieces and some simple graphics. I often have 20 text pieces, anb the deepest ones get so blurred that the slides look ugly.

I tried to play with the z-depth parameter, but to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello, arnab.
For current stable, Synfig 1.4.x version, please see: [Workaround] Blurry text not wanted - #2 by KonstantinDmitriev
It was fixed in current development version, so for next stable version family 1.6.x this trick won’t be needed.