XMen Mind Games (Flash)

Just finished this animation, hope you guys like it,

(87) XMen Mind Games - YouTube



Can you send the source file of one of the scenes (in personal message) in this video, I want to analyze and learn from the source file…
If you can’t its ok…

He’s created the animation in Adobe Animate, not Synifg.

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Oh, thanks… I thought it was made in synfig.

Jali, (Flash), Non-Synfig section
You can contact him through his Youtube channel or ko-fi
Don’t expect him to answer on the forums nor via PM, it never happened :sweat:

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:sweat_smile: He surely looks busy in making those animation… They are at least really good to me…

Good indeed, and I respect his work.
This is why he is still allowed to publish here while this is not made with Synfig (and Flash is not even open-source!) and that he doesn’t have any interaction with our little community…
And I still hope there will be new episodes of Janat!

I understand your point, and it’s great that you appreciate his work. It’s true that he may not be using Synfig, and his lack of interaction with our community can feel disappointing at times.

However, it’s important to remember that creativity and art can take different forms, and artists have their own unique ways of expressing themselves. While we may have preferences for certain tools or platforms, it’s valuable to acknowledge and respect diverse approaches to creation.

As for Janat, I share your hope for new episodes. It’s always exciting to see a series continue and explore new stories. Let’s remain optimistic and support the artist in their creative endeavors, even if they don’t align perfectly with our expectations.

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