[Workaround] Why doesn't Import work? [PNG files, 1.4.4, Win/Linux, #2973 #3023]

I’ve tried importing several .png files, and none will work. I’m using Version 1.4.4 on a powerful Windows machine. Has this happened to anyone else? Here 's the file in question:


It seems to be the same on Ubuntu with 1.4.4.
1.5.1 is not affected.

(synfigstudio:74447): glibmm-CRITICAL **: 01:50:07.912:
unhandled exception (type Glib::Error) in signal handler:
domain: g-io-error-quark
code : 1
what : Erreur lors de l’obtention des informations du fichier « /tmp/.mount_Zwd9bD/usr/Synfig Animation 1 » : No such file or directory

Thank you. I used “Import Sequence” one at a time, and it worked OK. Maybe the devs can iron this out. Thank you!

It seems that this is the same bug as using plugins on a new file, not created yet:
First create and save the project, then use Import.
Or use the 1.5.1 (Dev builds) which is more stable and efficient than the “stable” 1.4.4…

Also this one that is still open