Work in Progress

I gave a presentation this weekend about some of the tools we have been using for creating animtion with (synfig stage etc) and as part of that i made a couple of videos public.

here is a trailer for the project I am working on. I am using synfig and synfig Stage to make the animation with:



This is good work. You’ve put it together in a way that keeps you interested and tuned in to the end. Not to say that’s is purr-fect but it’s good enough to keep me wanting to see more. I’d love to see this grow and evolve with time.

Looks fantastic! I’m eager to see the first chapter!
Keep it up!

Good trailer … ! it give the aim the see the short …
Where did you gave your presentation ?

Nota : i found a “bug” on the dragon neck at 0:48 :wink:

the presentation was given at oggcamp detailing how we use continuous intergration to render/composite animation for us. here is an early example of the concept:

the bug in the dragons neck has already been fixed. I have removed out the mask layer and replaced it with a pink shape. post render the frames are processed and these pink shapes are removed, leaving just the transparency.

What an awesome tool for animations. Super!