Woody Allan meets Karl Marx at a bus stop.

This is the first time I effectively used two techniques. The first is, rather than just drawing a face I would “paint by number” style colour block a photo with a line drawing overlay. Also I encapsulated the entire scene and animated it’s zoom and locations to act as a camera. Both worked really well!


Info on how to embed videos in posts here would be appreciated.

to embed a youtube video, click share, then click embed. right click the code (the random url/ random text, code, whatever you call it) then post it in the forum. I’m not sure if it will work on here, though.

I’ve seen it, but I didn’t hear it due to my computer problem. It looks interesting. I hope you don’t suffer the same fate as I have.

there is no sound. That is just the first shot of a longer video I’m slowly working on.

As for embedding… that’s just what I did, but the preview just shows the text line I cut from youtube.