with zooming more than 1600% - is crash!!!

When i zoom picture more than 1600% in advanced scenes synfigstudio crash.
I read in wiki that is normal for synfig, but …
this is a problem for me
Where is solution?

ps: Gentoo Linux x86_64, synfig0.63.02 … 0.63.03…
when i emerge synfig portage was collided with gnome-icons…

Do you really need to work with a zoom of 1600?
You can apply a smaller zoom by placing a zoom layer onto the stuff that needs the fine design. Later disable the zoom layer to let it be at its own size.
Certain type of layers (like Blur Layer) eats lots of memory when zoom in too much, which can cause stability problems.

thanks for the answer!!!
I always do limit zoom - this is reflex)))
Can you make less restriction for zoom
because I often have a crash
thank you

I’m getting this bug a lot at the moment. I get the following error:

code: glibmm-ERROR **:
unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
what: std::bad_alloc[/code]

I get this problem well before the zoom gets to 1600 - I never need to zoom in that much!

Try to disable the blurs layers if any.

There are no blur layers, I think my problem is because I am tracing over a bitmap of some kind.

The crash I’m getting occurs when I’m tracing over a frame in a PNG sequence imported using the list importer with the BLine Tool.

Bad alloc are difficult to fix. It would need a global improvement in terms of memory handling because sometimes it is needed to render a huge canvas because some layer has its parameter that way. When you zoom in you cannot avoid the effect of a non visible layer due to its long distance effect and so the bad alloc is reached (not enough memory).
Try to work with lower quality possible (9) and see what happens. Alternatively increase the compression of the tracing image sequence to use less memory.

The image handling of Synfig is not good. It holds in memory the image of the sequence even it is not displayed. We need to do something with this some day. :slight_smile:

That’s very useful to know and explains why the bug happens sometimes and not others.

Thanks Carlos!