WinXP 0.62 crash report

I installed Synfig’s latest Windows release on my comp (which unfortunately doesn’t have net) and encountered some problems running it. Compared to the earlier version the crashes are less frequent, but exist nevertheless.

Check the files in the attachment.
synfig crash report.rar (238 KB)

  1. Absolutely. Seen this one here too. As soon as I can figure out how to reset the windows when they’re first created, that patch is going in.
  2. The Delete button to delete a layer was remapped as it would cause text layers to be deleted when you entered text and hit delete to correct a mistake - very frustrating. You can use Ctrl-delete to delete a layer now.
  3. Good catch - I hadn’t looked at that dialog. I didn’t realize that dooglus had left a way to toggle single thread on and off. I’ll see if I can figure out how to move that line so it doesn’t overlap.
  4. I can’t see the Console box in your screenshots, but are you getting messages like
    “synfig(1332) [8:12:55 PM] info: …/…/…/src/gtkmm/asyncrenderer.cpp:484 rendering in the same thread” every time the canvas is rendered? If not, it indicates that you are still multi-threaded (the T2.PNG supports this - I would expect to see the bottom checkbox checked), and will see crashes. Quit synfig and check if your settings file (C:\Users\loginname\Synfig\settings [or similar]) contains the line “pref.single_threaded=1”
  5. Can you explain what you’re expecting to see and what you see? I’ve seen motion blur to be unstable in the past, but it does work. The last time I used it, I did all my animation, then as the last step turned on motion blur and saved the file, then rendered the animation from the command line.
  6. See 4).

Thanks for the great feedback.


LMAO I ain’t good with command line. :laughing:

But yeah. The crashes often happen when previewing animation or rendering, or even going through the in-betweens while working. The crashes either show crash reports (I’ve added the report in that RAR file), while sometimes it doesn’t give me a message at all! The program just shuts down on its own without warning.

On Windows, I’ve seen this as well, especially while moving through the in-betweens and also when switching between high and low resolution display.