Winter campfire


A quick test on fire effects. Wiki was helpful here, but I went in a bit different direction and used ‘Noise gradient’ over a raster work and added some additional corrections. The raster work is very simple and resolution is low, but I guess it’s OK for a test.

Animation, that I hope, will warm you up in those winter days:
Campfire.sfg (1.1 MB)

Great stuff! You must either be a very patient man or you must have a very fast pc. :smiley: To make the fire more intense, I made a copy of the fire folder. Scaled it down by two, aligned it with the bottom of the original and changed the blend method of the layer to brighten with an amount of 5, added a slight blur and changed the random number of the noise. Seems to work on a still. Did not have the time or patience the render it. :mrgreen:

Thanks, DIrk!

Well, the “Grass and flowers” animation was much more painful to render, believe me. This one isn’t that heavy :slight_smile:

Looks interesting, but for now, I am satisfied with the result. It’s only a practice before a pretty much complex work with fire effects that I want to do in the future.