Windows translation

Hi Genete and Pixelgeek. I have a question :

A veces encontramos “parches” en internet para traducir programas. Se explica que se sustituye una carpeta por otra en el idioma que queremos, quedando el programa traducido al momento. ¿No sería posible hacer eso mismo con Synfig? De ese modo, un usuario de Windows podría bajarse el paquete “todo en uno” y el correspondiente parche de su idioma. ¿Cómo lo ves?

Sometimes we find “patches” in Internet to translate programs. It explains that one folder is replaced by other in the language that we want , leaving the program translated into the moment. Would it be possible to make the same with Synfig? Thereby, a Windows user might download the package " all in one " and the corresponding patch for his language. What do you think?

If you know anyone that has experience in adding translations to Windows programs that are compiled under MSYS, please point them at me and we can see if we can make the magic happen.
My goal is to get Synfig to compile under a MS IDE, which would allow for better compiler options, easier debugging and yes, hopefully support translations.


I see.
I don’t know anyone, but I will search. (at least, now I know what must I search).