window focus question

Is there a way to have the cursor automatically focus the panel it hovers above so I wouldn’t have to click the panel everytime I need to switch to a different one?
I’m on a mac, btw.

I don’t know where on macs, but there is an “always on top” option you will find on each window. It’s a right click on the coloured window bar at the top for both windows and Linux.

You can configure that behavior at X. In Mac when you open Synfig Studio, the X server is opened too. Click on the X icon and go to its preferences. There you can tweak some mouse behavior. But I don’t recommend to focus the window that the mouse hovers on. It would be against you at the end and you’ll revert to the normal behavior.

Thanks Genete. I found “click through inactive windows” (or something to that extent) in the same settings menu, which is probably better suited for my purposes.