wiki page "Tutorials" should go away because hand-maintained


still in my wiki gardening mood :slight_smile: I noticed that on the wiki there are two similar pages:

Page [1] is hand-maintained and somebody must remember to update it each time a new tutorial is added, so in my opinion it will always be out-of-sync :slight_smile:

Page [2] is the equivalent of [1], but is generated automatically and contains any page that belongs to the Tutorial category, so it is always up-to-date.

The only advantage of [1] is that it contains also a small summary of each tutorial, but I think that the additional overhead to keep it updated is not worth it. The summary is not really needed if each tutorial has a self-describing title IMHO.

So my proposal is:

  1. remove [1]
  2. add a redirect from [1] to [2]
  3. (optional) update all the links to [1] to point to [2]

What do you think?

I’m agree on that.

Yes, steps 1 and 2 and no 3.

Following the discussion, I wanted to delete the page, but I think that only an admin can do it. I can only move/rename it.

Page shouldn’t be removed in general, only moved so the wiki adds a redirect automatically for the old page. This way some old or external link doesn’t get broken. We only delete (remove) pages when they are spam and we use one special wiki feature.

I’ll take a look.

I think that the better solution is:

  1. Add a redirect from Tutorials to Category:Tutorials. DONE
  2. Keep the contents of the old Tutorials page on the talk page of the current Category:Tutorials page. DONE


Fine for me :slight_smile: