Wiki broken?

when the Documentation button on the home page is clicked it is bringing you to a blank screen.
Tried doing a search and got the same result click link brings a blank screen. can you please check if there is something wrong with the Wiki.

Hello! Please try to refresh a page. Does it help?

I think the problem is elswhere… than cache and refresh because when i’m logged on the wiki everythings is allright : i can access to all pages.
Zelgadis, can you try without login you to the wiki ? … should (not) work as us.

Aha! Now I can reproduce the problem! Thanks, Djay, for pointing on this - the idea to logout didn’t come into my mind. I’ll look into this…

Looks like it’s fixed now. Can you confirm?

Fixed for me … well done bro" … what was the case ?

To be honest, it’s got fixed itself. :slight_smile: I suspect that was temporary server cache problem, or possibly the hoster did something.