Wiki account

Dear Wiki Admin,

My name is Chen Yu and I am trying to translate the Wiki pages into Simplified Chinese. This is my initail job.

And now I need your help to delete the jcome account at wiki, Because It would be better to have real name instead of the nick name .I have registered an other wiki account with real name: ChenYu.

Thanks very much!


I don’t see any way to delete an account.

Why not just start using the new account and forget about the old one?

jcome (or better Chen Yu),
I’ve redirected your old account to your new user account. All the old links to the old nickname Jcome are redirected to your new user account.

Please edit your new user wiki page to place there your personal information if you like. It is not an obbligation. For the moment your user wiki page is a blank one.

:blush: That’s my fault, I was considering we should take the real name as the wiki account.:slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your kind replys.