why no native mac os x binaries currently?

why were the native mac binaries taken offline? cos’ now thats happend you have to you use fink and there is no binary installer for Snow Leopard (10.6) which is the version i use! and don’t tell me to install synfig using mac ports because of to reasons: it is too much effort to install it (installing macports needs Xcode to install, and hell installing that is too much of a drag) and the fact that after installing it would probably just sit there, doing nothing; but the main question still remains: why were the native mac binaries taken offline?

Unfortunately, there are currently no official mac binaries besides those provided by macports or fink. We don’t have a main developer who uses a mac or a designated packager, so we rely on fink/macports to distribute synfig binaries.

I wish I could help you the install the binaries available (or try to make a native build myself), but I don’t actually have a mac to work on. Hopefully, some of the other people here can give you a better reply. I recall that there should be someone here who actually built synfig themselves.

Well, that last note’s slightly helpful, [size=200] but no pointers! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: [/size]

Because nobody maintains it.
Instead of complain repeatedly why don’t just join us and contribute to make it possible? If I would have Mac I would try to build Mac binaries and maintain them but unfortunately I don’t have money to afford another computer.

I am trying to do it, but i can’t promise anything.

Will you buy me a Mac? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:



it will take a lot if i send an old powerbook g4 from china to you, isn’t it?
seriously, i have two old mac (PowerPC G4 and Powerbook G4) that staying under my desk :mrgreen:

I am using jhbuild to install a gtkmm (gtk-osx) on my mac and hope i can have a mac version of synfigstudio.app to upload for mac user someday.

Would be helpful if someone could actually upload their binary that they’ve compiled instead of letting everyone compile their own version together with the billions of dependency problems that can arise.

Snow Leopard is still poorly supported and open source software for Mac is in dependency hell (hardly anything works with Snow Leopard).

I used jhbuild to compile synfig studio on my mac, but binary can not run properly :frowning:

it[1] seems that gtk3 will be easier for mac osx platform, so maybe we have to wait until synfig studio is ported to gtk3.

[1] blogs.gnome.org/kris


I’m very disappointed that there isn’t even a single person willing to create a binary. I will attempt to do it once I have full internet back. I remember Synfig having better Mac OSX support. The instructions for building are a bit confusing and seem as if they are missing things. That could be because of my own irritation about hoping to just install Synfig and use it for the project I’m working on.

Hi Nichod,
being dissapointed or irritated doesn’t help you or other in your same situtation. You have to understand that without a Mac we cannot work on its building and packaging improvements. If you want to do something useful, please collaborate with who is working on the build script to make it fully work in all versions. That will be a small step forward the binary installer.


I have know created an installer for synfig v.0.62.2, it will install etl, synfig, synfigstudio and all libs. This is my first attempt to do this and I made it with Macports. The file is 163mb and you can download it here and try it:

My os is osx 10.6.8 and I have x11 installed and I guess you have to have the same os version and you have to have x11 installed as well but you don’t need to have Macport installed.

I really hope this will work, let me know how it goes.

I also have contact with the maintainer for the macport synfig ports and he’s going to update to the latest version of synfig ( when that is done, I will build that version as well if this will go well. (Hold your thumbs… :smiley: )

cheers Ulrik

Thanks Ulrik!

Well it didn’t work as I hoped, it tried to install at the wrong place… :blush: I have taken the installer away for the moment, I will try to find another way to do this.

Installing XCode is about as simple as inserting you Mac OSX installation disk and pressing install.
Installing MacPorts is as simple as downloading a package, running the installer, and configuring a few options.

For example, add the +universal, +no_x11, and +quartz variants to the variants.conf file.

$ sudo nano /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf

Then open Terminal.app, and update the ports.

$ sudo port selfupdate

Then install synfigstudio.

$ sudo port install synfigstudio

And you’re ready to go. Bonus: No need for X11/XQuartz.

Also, I checked out the Mac .dmg installer on synfig.org.
Any specific reason why it’s around 200kb?
You should probably take that down.
160MB would be closer, IMHO.

Here’s my attempt to build dmg with MacPorts: synfig.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3418