why is the origin not with the shape?

This is my first foray into animation, and I know NOTHING about ducks and vectors. So please forgive my neophyte question. I just want the origin of the BLine to be with my shape. Why is it clear on the other side of the canvas? I can do the animated ball test just fine, but I want to move a rectangle instead of a circle.???
Thanks for the help.

I got it. I went back to the flower animation and found it. And - I know what ducks are now! I hope my son appreciates this!

The origin is at 0,0. Which may not be obvious if your drawing is in one corner of the canvas.

There’s some discussion on whether and how to make it more intuitive…


Why not a center origin button?

The origin is a vector position to produce x,y displacements of the layer that it holds. In some situations you need to move some layers at the same time using the origin. To do that some people just select all the layers and doing right click on the origin parameter and select “Link”. If the origins were scattered at the (center of gravity?) center of each layer, the it would be difficult to manage.
Anyway, a button to center the origin parameter to the “center” of the layer can be a good option thing. Do you want to help on coding that? :wink: