Why does my tablet not work in Synfig?

I can’t seem to get my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet to work in here… I have the latest version of Synfig, I believe. Can someone help out?

Check the “File-> Input Devices”. You may need to play with settings there to get it to start working.


If Chris’ suggestion doesn’t work, please mention your hardware setup and OS, and the things you’ve already tried yourself.


Yeah, it’s not working…

AMD Phenom 8400
Nvidia Geforce 8200
Windows Vista Home Premium x64
320GB Hard drive

I tried what dude up there said, but nothing else, considering i’m a n00b to this program and have little idea about where everything is. I can find it, but it takes me some time >.<

I have same problem i’ve done those previous suggestions but still doesn’t work!!
it is OK with other software but even i cant click with pen
My tablet: p-active xp 1209
OS:Vista ultimate 32

If you install Gimp or Inkscape, do they use your tablet properly?

same problem with inkscape, but in Gimp and Mypaint it works properly with full features such as pressure .

Please rename the Synfig configuration folder from your user folder in windows to Synfig2 for example. That would reset all the configuration to the defaults. A new Synfig folder will be created.
Open Synfig Studio and go to Input Devices… in the toolbox.
List here all the devices you can find in the device dialog list. Paste the list here.
Disable all them.
Enable one and test. If it doesn’t work then disable it and repeat with the next one.
You can repeat the same device listing in the same configuration for Gimp. Compare them to see if there are any difference.
Report us here the results.
Good luck

Oooo Yeah!!! That did it!!! thanx

I hope I’m asking this in the right place. I’m new to forums but I’m desperate to get my tablet working in Synfig! I have a Wacom Intuos 3 with new drivers from Wacom’s website. I downloaded the newest Synfig version (0.63). I’m using Windows XP Pro on a Dell Latitude D800. The table works in Gimp and Inkscape just fine. I’m familiar with the Input Devices Hokey Pokey required in Inkscape (until recently that is…I think latest Inkscape remembers settings so you only have to do it one time per install). I’ve tried all the recommendations and suggestions posted on this forum to no avail.

I open Synfig by using the pen. I can use the pen within Synfig to open menus, size and rearrange windows, move scroll bars etc. but it will not draw on the canvas. One interesting thing I noticed was that when I tried making a rectangle with the pen, nothing appears on the canvas but instances of each are noted in one of the info palettes.

On the input device dialogue (which lists WACOM Tablet Pressure Stylus and WACOM Tablet Eraser) I’ve tried switching back and forth between screen, window and disabled…saving, closing…every combination I can think of…just like I used to have to do in Inkscape…nothing. :frowning: Please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

When you place the mouse using the Transform tool (the arrow icon tool) over the canvas, do it reflect the correct x,y position in the info panel?
Can you use the normal tool to move ducks on the canvas (form layers created by menu entries with its default values)?
When using the Draw tool, does it reflect the same coordinates than the Normal tool at the info panel?
When using the Draw tool, although it doesn’t show anything on the canvas, does it effectively create the layer (i.e. region)?


Yas. All the tools shows constantly updating X,Y coordinates as the tools move on the canvas…even though they are not making anything visible on the canvas.

No. The pen cannot make OR move ducks on the canvas. If I make a shape with the track pad/mouse–the pen still cannot move any of the ducks.

Yes. Again, all the tools’ x,y positions are shown in the info panel

No. Neither the draw tool nor the b-line tool makes a layer in the layer panel although the shape tools DO. The rectangle, circle, polygon and star all create layers

Another interesting thing I noticed was that the magnifying glass tool and the gradient tool have some visible effect on the canvas but not what is expected. When using the pen the magnifier seems to enlarge the canvas but only in very small increments. The gradient tool fills the canvas with either the foreground OR the background color alternately but neither both together in a gradient. :question:

And are they created in the correct place?? I can assume that Draw tool don’t work due to wacom driver issues but I don’t understand why the BLine tool doesn’t work and the Circle tool for example does.

Did you click and drag to create a box to zoom in or you simply click on the canvas?

Screen shot please. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Ugh, can you rename/remove the settings file from your username/Synfig folder? I would like to remove the influence of anything else before incriminate the wacom drivers.

Well I’m happy :smiley: (and a little embarrassed :blush:) to report that deleting the settings file (and doing the regular input device dialogue changes) was all it took. I guess the menu item “Reset to default setup values” doesn’t do the same as wiping out the settings file?

Thanks for sticking with me through this.

Looks like it is incomplete :unamused: