While exporting gif, the quality is very low

Hello, at first I don’t want to blame to synfig developer, but sincerely after I’ve bought their tutorial, the app was working fine and I really like it but unfortunately, after spending more than 3 hours of making walking man and talking girl, it’s all in vain. After rendering in two formats i.e Gif and Avi, the quality of both formats doesn’t look good. It’s funny,I’ve watch all the rendering tutorials but no use. I feel really disappointed… Anyone help me out. Thanks

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
GIF is not a prefered export format, due to its limitations (256 colors palette, dithering…).
The same for AVI, try to swith to MP4.
You can search on this forum or in the wiki for “GIF quality”, “MP4 settings”, “render settings”, this is a redundant topic.
Also use 1.3.11 (dev) instead of 1.2.2 :wink:

Ok thank you very much…let me try 1.3.11. But could you please give me the direct download for windows 32 bit.


You can activate auto backup in the system preferences, I keep it set to 30 seconds when I’m drawing and a minute when I’m animating. Also I clear the history stack all the time and this keep Synfig working, for whatever the reason, a longest time. For a better gif try to export to image sequence and make the gif with Gimp or Krita, both do a very good job, I currently use krita.

file name: file.gif
target: magick++

excellent result

search line:
Yes (animated gifs, optimized)